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Tarddian crystals are items dropped by Crystal Shapeshifters on Tarddiad, or made by bringing Angof three crystal fragments. They serve a role in recreating Seren in The Light Within, and are used after the quest as currency in Angof's Crystal Armour Shop. The crystals are also needed to repair crystal armour.

Value estimates

Item Crystal cost GE price Value per Tarddian crystal
Crystal helm.png Crystal helm Tarddian crystal.png 150 309,483 2,063
Crystal body.png Crystal body Tarddian crystal.png 200 570,409 2,852
Crystal legs.png Crystal legs Tarddian crystal.png 200 567,932 2,840
Crystal gloves.png Crystal gloves Tarddian crystal.png 100 313,067 3,131
Crystal boots.png Crystal boots Tarddian crystal.png 100 324,708 3,247


Item[1] Number of crystals to fully repair
Crystal helm.png Attuned crystal helm.png Helm Tarddian crystal.png 15 7% per crystal
Crystal body.png Attuned crystal body.png Body Tarddian crystal.png 50 2% per crystal
Crystal legs.png Attuned crystal legs.png Legs Tarddian crystal.png 34 3% per crystal
Crystal gloves.png Attuned crystal gloves.png Gloves Tarddian crystal.png 2 50% per crystal
Crystal boots.png Attuned crystal boots.png Boots Tarddian crystal.png 2 50% per crystal
  1. ^ Both crystal armour and attuned crystal armour.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Crystal Shapeshifter1121–3Always
  • For every piece of crystal armour worn excluding the first piece, the maximum amount of crystals dropped increases by 1. For example, using 3 parts will cause them to drop 2–5 crystals.
  • Without wearing any crystal armour pieces, getting 2 crystals is more common than getting 3 crystals.
  • Without wearing any crystal armour pieces, 1-2 crystals are dropped with the main drop and 1 shortly afterwards. The first drop can be boosted with crystal armour.