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The display shown when you hover over a skill that has a target.

The target system, located in the Stats Tab, gives the option to set a certain amount of experience (up to 200M) or certain level (up to 120) as their goal. Previously, with the Objective system, only one goal could be set at a time. With the Target System, a player can set one goal per skill. To use it, right click the skill you want and set level or experience as target.


When a target is set, the small window that appears when the mouse is moved over a skill contains:

  • The current level of that skill
  • The current experience in that skill
  • The experience to the next level
  • The set target experience mark or level
  • The experience needed to reach the set goal
  • The percentage bar showing the percent of the goal that has been completed since the level it started on (i.e. If a target is set to level 99 when the skill is already halfway from 98 to 99, the bar will show as 50%. When a skill is at 99 the percentage starts at the experience it was at the time of setting the target.)


  • The colour of the text within the red percentage bar switches from white to black at 48%.