This article is about the achievement. For the emote, see Taskmaster.

Task Master is an achievement that tracks the player's progress into completing the required Exploration achievements.

Completing this achievement unlocks the similarly named Taskmaster emote.

Area Achievement sets to complete
Ardougne Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Desert Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Daemonheim Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Falador Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Fremennik Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Karamja Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Lumbridge Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard
Menaphos Menaphos Pyramid Scheme[1]
Morytania Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Seers' Village Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Tirannwn Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Varrock Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
Wilderness Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite
  1. ^ This only requires the completion of the 4 Menaphos quests as well as getting overall tier 10 reputation for the city (not to be confused with the tier 10 achievements for individual districts).

Skill requirements

Total level: 2400
Attack 90 Constitution 90 Mining 90
Strength 90 Agility 90 Smithing 95b
Defence 90 Herblore 94b Fishing 96b
Ranged 90 Thieving 95b Cooking 95b
Prayer 95 Crafting 98b Firemaking 92b
Magic 90 Fletching 93b Woodcutting 90
Runecrafting 91b Slayer 95 Farming 91b
Construction 90 Hunter 90 Summoning 95
Dungeoneering 95 Divination 90 Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed 127* Quest 270* Music icon fixed 500
Task icon fixed All RuneScore -----
  • The table shows the skill levels required to complete all required Exploration achievements. This may not include the levels needed to complete quests that also are required to complete some achievements.
  • A b indicates that a temporary boost may be used to reach that level.
  • The Assist System cannot be used.
  • Requires either maximum quest points, or 1 skill at level 99 and 270 quest points.
  • Though 100 combat is the highest actual requirement, the minimum required combat skills would yield a combat level of 127.

The current XP required to complete all of the achievements is 175,792,057, excluding skill requirements of quests required for some achievements and assuming no skill boosts are used. This is roughly 4.5 times the amount of experience required to complete all current quests and earn the quest point cape.


  • Before an update on 10 September 2018, this achievement had 75 RuneScore.
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