This article is about the emote. For the achievement, see Task Master.
Taskmaster emote icon
Release date 24 November 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound Yes
Enhancer No
Duration 9 seconds
Requirements Task Master

Taskmaster is an emote awarded after completing every achievement that's required for the Task Master achievement. It is the third emote to utilise Z-buffering (the first being Faint, the second being Puppetmaster), taking the player out of the "grid" to which it was restricted in past animations. It requires a clear 3×3 area to be performed.

Audio options icon
The taskmaster emote sound for female players.


  • It is the first emote with a voice.
  • During the emote the player's character will say "Ha!" Mod Moltare voiced this sound for male characters, while Mod Faye did the voice for female characters.
  • This is the second emote with a cape interaction, the other being the celebration emote performed with the 10th Anniversary Cake.
  • Upon the release of the Tirannwn achievements, the task Weave Come a Long Way requires level 90+ in every skill, having the highest XP requirement for any one task. Also the task, 99 With a Flake requires at least one level 99, or a quest point cape.
  • Upon the release of the Burthorpe and Taverley Tasks on 31 January 2012, the tasks system still said that 426 tasks completed were needed. If a player completed enough tasks, and reached the 426 milestone, they were informed that they could do the task master emote, and the icon would light up in the emote tab. However, attempting to do the emote resulted in being told you needed to complete all tasks. If a player went past the 426 total, the emote icon would become dulled out again. This was fixed. This task set was removed with the release of the Achievements System on 18 April 2017.
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