Tatty graahk fur detail

Tatty graahk fur is an item that players may obtain whilst hunting horned graahks, which requires level 41 Hunter.

Players can turn a piece of tatty graahk fur into the top or legs of the graahk hunter gear set. They can do this by taking one fur and 150 coins for each garment required to the fancy-dress shop owner in Varrock. They cannot use tatty fur to make a graahk headdress, which requires perfect graahk fur. Tatty fur also cannot be used as a tertiary ingredient in making the spirit graahk pouch.

The fur trader at the fur stall in East Ardougne used to pay 64 coins for the first one when he had none in stock, or 497 for a batch of ten. However, he now pays 32 coins per fur, regardless of how many he has in stock. This is a much better return than trying to sell unwanted tatty furs on the Grand Exchange, where the market price is only 42 coins, and sales are very rare.


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