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Tavia's fishing rod detail

Tavia's fishing rod is an item extremely rarely obtained from the Deep Sea Fishing hub.

It has a chance of granting all 3 deep sea fishing boosts for 10 minutes to the player using it and for 2 minutes to the surrounding players.

The 3 deep sea fishing boosts are:

  • 5% additional Fishing experience
  • 10% chance to gain an additional catch
  • 10% fishing rate boost

Tavia's fishing rod is the 3rd hero item after Orlando Smith's hat and Hazelmere's signet ring.[1]

It can be obtained by going on a voyage with Quartermaster Gully after obtaining an Uncharted island map (red) from Deep Sea Fishing. There is a rare chance to obtain the red map whenever a player would obtain an Uncharted island map (Deep Sea Fishing), including from fishing or by purchasing a map from the Trader. Players are brought to a pre-generated Uncharted Island and are given the Rod there.



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