Tavia's island
Tavia's island
Release date 5 March 2018 (Update)
Sea Eastern Sea
Kingdom(s) Wushanko Isles
Members Yes
No. of banks 1 (rowboat)
No. of altars 0
No. of obelisks None
Teleportation None
Guilds None
Inhabitants None
Tavia's island map

Tavia's island is an unofficial name given to the uncharted isle claimed by Tavia the legendary fisherwoman. Players may visit the island by speaking to Quartermaster Gully with a red uncharted island map. While Tavia is not on the island when a player visits it, players will be able to find Tavia's Fishing Notes along with Tavia's fishing rod.

On the front door of the house, there is a note that reads "GONE FISHING -Tavia", with her rod standing against the front post. The front door can be knocked on but nobody will answer.

Unlike other islands in the Uncharted Isles, this island cannot be claimed with a claim island flag. Attempting to plant a flag will prompt the message "You cannot claim this particular island."

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