Taxidermist chathead

The taxidermist is a werewolf located in Canifis, in the southwestern building just south of the general store. She can skin and stuff the remains of certain creatures, providing the ability to mount the stuffed remains in a house. She can stuff the remains of certain fish, Slayer monsters and bosses, but requires specific items which are rare drops from their respective species.

Mountable items:
Item Cost Construction
Big bass 1,000 coins 36
Crawling hand 1,000 coins 38
Cockatrice head 2,000 coins 38
Big swordfish 2,500 coins 56
Basilisk head 4,000 coins 38
Big shark 5,000 coins 76
Kurask head 6,000 coins 58
Abyssal demon head 12,000 coins 58
King Black Dragon head 50,000 coins 78
Kalphite Queen head 50,000 coins 78


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