Not to be confused with heated tea flask.

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A tea flask is a container item that can store up to 5 cups of tea. Tea flasks can be obtained by killing any of the hybrids in the Tower of Life. Like satchels, they do not stack in the bank even if they have matching contents. Players can drink the tea directly from the flask, the character saying, "Ahhh, tea is so refreshing." Tea heals 200 to 375 life points per dose, meaning a tea flask heals 1000 to 1875 life points when full. The tea also boosts Attack temporarily by 3 levels just like when drinking from a cup. Players can use the tea flask on an empty cup, to fill the cup with tea instead of drinking from the flask.

One dose can also be used to cancel out the effects of an Aggression potion.

Players cannot fill a flask with nettle tea or tea from a player-owned house.

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A player drinking from a tea flask

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