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Teak Tree
Release date 9 August 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Logs Teak logs (105 coins)
Cannot be grown
Examine A beautiful, old teak tree.
Teak logs

A teak is a dainty tree that can be found in various locations at the rare tree Rare tree map icon icon. Level 35 Woodcutting is required to chop down this tree. On the 20 March 2012, the teak trees were graphically updated in a hidden update. As of 23 September 2009 they have approximately a 2.5% chance to give a special teak log, which can be traded with the Sawmill operator for money or a conversion of logs in your inventory into planks with 2 special teak logs. Along with mahogany logs, teak logs are used mainly for Construction, but they can also be lit for 105 Firemaking experience points and 120 adding to a fire. They can also be made into a crossbow stock, giving 27 Fletching experience.

Cutting teaks gives between 41,000, with level 35, and 92,000, with level 99, Woodcutting experience per hour. At level 99 Woodcutting a player using beaver familiars, a legendary lumberjack aura, full lumberjack clothing, perfect juju woodcutting potions and a superior log-splitting scrimshaw can gain 140,000 experience an hour. Using crimson skillchompas in addition to these boosts can grant around 147,000 Woodcutting experience an hour. Using crystallise and light form as well as beaver familiars, a legendary lumberjack aura, full lumberjack clothing, perfect juju woodcutting potions, and level 99 Woodcutting can give around 237,000 experience an hour.


The first location introduced to have teak trees and the one that has most of them is the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai. After completion of the quest Deadliest Catch, a bank deposit box becomes available near to the three teaks at Ape Atoll.


  • Despite the Woodcutting guide's claim, Jungle Potion is not required to cut them, it is only required to cut the teak trees in the Hardwood Grove near Tai Bwo Wannai.
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