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Tears of Guthix cavern
Tears of Guthix Cavern.png
Release date 4 May 2005 (Update)
Kingdom Misthalin
Members Yes
Main music Tears of Guthix, The Power of Tears
Levels 3
Strongest monster None
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here Tears of Guthix, Death to the Dorgeshuun, While Guthix Sleeps, The Chosen Commander
Inhabitants Juna
Tears of Guthix cavern map.png

The Tears of Guthix cavern is used in the Death to the Dorgeshuun, Tears of Guthix, While Guthix Sleeps and The Chosen Commander quests. It is also the location of the Tears of Guthix. The upper level of the cavern can be entered through the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, or with a games necklace after Tears of Guthix has been completed. The lower level connects to the Ancient Guthix Temple, which can be entered during While Guthix Sleeps as part of the quest and afterwards for players seeking to slay tormented demons. During The Chosen Commander, players at one point unintentionally visit a small side-cavern that connects to the cave but cannot be re-entered afterwards.

The cavern has an immense chasm in its centre. Light creatures can be seen flying about the chasm. To ride the light creatures, however, players must use lit Sapphire lanterns to attract the creatures, and then they have the option of going across to the magic stone ores or down into the chasm.

Getting there

Lumbridge Swamp Caves map.png


Ways to get there:

  • Use a charged Games necklace to instantly teleport you to the cavern
  • Enter the Lumbridge Swamp Caves in the western part of the swamp; you may need to attach a rope to climb into the caves, if you haven't done so already.
    • Keep heading south-east from the cave entrance until you find a small stream, where you must use a stepping stone to cross over.
    • If you fail the stepping stone shortcut and have a candle lantern, it will be smashed into a few broken glasses, even if it wasn't lit. On the other side are non-aggressive giant frogs, alongside another cave entrance.
    • Go through it and you will find yourself in an area with a huge pit in front of you, with countless, shimmering light creatures flying over it.
    • Walk along the east path to find Juna.
  • If The Lost Tribe has been partially completed, to the part where you get the Brooch, you may go south from that spot and open a passage to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.


Known areas of the cavern

The cavern consists of two major areas, the upper level and the lower level.

Upper level

The north ledge connects to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Juna sits on the east ledge, guarding the Tears of Guthix. The southern ledge and magic stone mine can only be accessed by using a sapphire lantern on one of the light creatures which float in the central chasm.

Lower level

Into the chasm...

The lower level is first accessed during While Guthix Sleeps. Like the magic stone mine, the lower level is accessed by using a sapphire lantern on a light creature.

While Guthix Sleeps quest locations:

  • Three skeletons (not monsters) that the player can search to find items needed for the quest
  • Brazier with a fire orb (needs to be dug out and chiseled)
  • Brazier with a earth orb (needs to be dug out and chiseled)
  • Brazier with a air orb (needs to be chiseled out)
  • Brazier with a water orb (needs to be chiseled out)
  • Three lower stone skulls and tunnels. The player uses elemental orbs on the skulls to obtain elemental keys. The player later climbs through the skulls' nose cavities to use three of the keys.
  • The upper stone skull, used to access the Ancient Guthix Temple


  • As players still have not reached the bottom of the cavern, it seems future quests may take us even further into its depths.