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Tears of Seren
Tears of Seren
Release date 22 September 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Prifddinas
Examine An ornate fountain with mystical properties. Recharges dragonstone jewellery.
Tears of Seren location

The Tears of Seren are located in the Cadarn Clan in Prifddinas. Players can recharge dragonstone jewellery (such as amulets of glory and rings of wealth) by using the fountain. If a player has multiple amulets or rings equipped or in their inventory, they will all be recharged upon using either item on the fountain. Dragonstone jewellery can be recharged even if they are not completely uncharged. When restored, the amulet of glory has its four teleport charges renewed and the player has an increased chance of getting gems while Mining. Players must have completed the Legends' Quest to use the fountain.

If a Beast of Burden familiar is carrying uncharged amulets of glory or rings of wealth, they will not be charged.

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