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Technology trees are various routes to unlock additional materials and devices while training Invention. The human technology tree is the default technology tree and does not have any tasks.

The tech tree system relies on completing tasks to earn currency for that specialisation. The currency is then used to unlock blueprints, which can then be researched like other Invention discoveries.

There are currently 3 main tech trees discussed:

Tech trees can be unlocked at level 40 Invention, In order to begin unlocking the items in tech trees, one tree must be chosen to specialise in. This can be done by speaking to Drorkar in Keldagrim palace furnace, or Oldak in his lab in Dorgesh-Kaan. (The other NPC does not need to be spoken to.) The specialised tree earns 50% more currency from tasks. Switching technology tree costs 100 currency of the discipline currently specialised in.

Currency and tasks

Technology tree interface.png

To unlock blueprints in tech trees, tasks must be completed to gain currency. These tasks involve handing in requested items or materials. A new task for each field is received at 00:00 and 12:00 game time (UTC), and a maximum of five can be held at once in each field. After five are held, no new tasks are given. Upon completion, tasks will give 10 currency in the respective field. The focused tech tree receives an additional 5 currency per task, for 15 total. Currency can be spent on blueprints at any of the technology noticeboards found in Dorgesh-Kaan, Invention Guild and Keldagrim.

Technology tree tasks interface.png

Tasks are accessed from a technology noticeboard and are completed by simply clicking the button which labels them. The required items are handed in without confirmation, regardless of the status of the item - partially used rod-o-matics (with or without perks), junk refiners, and fishing accumulators are all accepted. Tasks cannot be completed if 500 currency is owned in the respective technology.

Once every blueprint is purchased from both tech trees, no more tasks will be available.

# to hand in Possible request
3 Junk refiners[note 2]
4 Gizmo shells[note 3]
80, 90 or 100
  1. ^ Any amount of equipment experience, with or without perks
  2. ^ a b Any amount of use/charge remaining
  3. ^ Any gizmo shell, not necessarily of the same type


Technology is unlocked in four tiers. To unlock a blueprint in a tier, at least one blueprint in the previous tier must be unlocked (though it doesn't have to be researched). It doesn't matter which blueprint is unlocked - all blueprints in the next tier will be available to unlock. A total of 295 currency is needed to fully unlock a technology tree needing completion of 20 tasks for the chosen tree and 30 tasks for the other tree.

Tier Invention
Dwarven Goblin
1 40 10 Corporeal components Pestiferous components
2 50 25 Sprinkler MK1
Mining accumulator
Mechanised chinchompa
Woodcutting accumulator
3 60 35 Book switcher
Calorie bomb
B.A.N.K. Stander
Monkey mind-control helmet
4 70 55 Auto-sanctifier
Kinetic cyclone
Dungeoneering lock melter
Dungeoneering party simulator
Electrified box trap
Oldak coil


  • The tech tree system was released with Invention on 25 January 2016, but on 16 May 2016 it was reworked and expanded. With this update, players that had researched blueprints in either tech tree had them locked again, the inspiration spent refunded (up to the cap of their current level), and a gift of some currency for each blueprint re-locked.