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Teclyn Crwys is the equivalent of a tool leprechaun for the fruit tree patch in the small elven village of Lletya. He works together with Amaethwr, the farmer for the patch. He is one of the six tool storage Non-player characters that are not leprechauns.

As he functions the same as a tool leprechaun, crops yielded from the farming patch can be used on him to turn them into a bank notes. Additionally, players may choose to purchase automatic composting, or teleport to the Vinesweeper minigame.

If players ask him why he is so tall despite being a Leprechaun, he will say that his love for nature comes from the fact that he is a member of the Crwys Clan.



  • Teclyn is Welsh for "tool".
  • Prior to the release of Plague's End, Teclyn used to wear an outfit similar to tool leprechauns. If asked, he would claim he did not know what a leprechaun was and that he found his hat at a shed which he used to store tools.