Tegid chathead

Tegid is a druid washing dirty laundry in the lake in Taverley. He plays a small role in Eadgar's Ruse and Mourning's End Part I quests. During the former quest, the player must ask him to hand over his shirt in order to make the fake man smell like a human. During the latter, the player must steal his soap with which to clean the bloody mourner top.

Tegid is also a victim in one of Meg's cases, his soap keeps vanishing and re-appearing - a reference to the player characters who constantly steal it for the above quest, and re-spawning.


  • Before the High Detail update, this NPC looked like he was "net fishing with a shirt", as the animation for net fishing was used.
  • Tegid may be a reference to the legendary King Arthur - the lake in which he washes the clothes is Lake Crystalmere, the home of the Lady of the Lake, who has strong ties with the legend. When Arthur rides to his final confrontation leading to his death, he sees an elf washing blood-stained clothes.
  • Tegid is a lake in mid Wales, occupied by a legendary monster named Tegi. Tegid is washing his dirty laundry in a lake.
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