The teleportation compactor is a device available at level 110 Invention. Each compactor is a single-use item that converts up to 20 fully charged pieces of jewellery into a single compacted version that can hold numerous charges.

Compacted jewellery is not destroyed when it reaches zero charges; instead, it can be recharged by using more "standard" jewellery on the compacted version, which consumes the jewellery. Partially charged jewellery will not work.

Types of compacted jewellery

Jewellery Max. charges per compactor Cost per charge
Amulet of glory (c).png Amulet of glory (c) 80 3,732.25
Combat bracelet (c).png Combat bracelet (c) 80 3,256.75
Digsite pendant (c).png Digsite pendant (c) 100 N/A
Enlightened amulet (c).png Enlightened amulet (c) 100 595.2
Ferocious ring (c).png Ferocious ring (c) 100 N/A
Games necklace (c).png Games necklace (c) 160 393.38
Ring of duelling (c).png Ring of duelling (c) 160 512.13
Ring of respawn (c).png Ring of respawn (c) 100 455
Ring of wealth (c).png Ring of wealth (c) 80 2,406.75
Skills necklace (c).png Skills necklace (c) 80 3,394
Ring of slaying (c).png Ring of slaying (c) 160 N/A
Traveller's necklace (c).png Traveller's necklace (c) 100 914.8


Teleportation compactor.png Teleportation compactor
Invention-Make-X GE icon.png
600 XP--
Invention Invention level110
Blueprint (Invention).png Research: Teleportation compactor
P2P icon.png Members onlyYes
Magic parts.pngMagic parts20N/A-
Imbued components.pngImbued components1N/A-
Enhancing components.pngEnhancing components5N/A-


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