Telos' tendril detail

Telos' tendril is a pet unlock item which may be received by defeating Telos, the Warden at the Heart of Gielinor. When interacted with, it unlocks Telos' boss pet, Tess.

As with other boss pet items, this item follows the drop threshold system. However, unlike other boss pets which follow this system, it has two distinctly different drop rates:[1]

  • When Telos is defeated at an enrage level of 99% or lower, Telos' tendril is received at a drop rate of 1/1,400 (2x more uncommon than the base drop rate).
  • When Telos is defeated at an enrage level of 100% or greater, Telos' tendril is received at a base drop rate of 1/700.

Regardless, both drop rates share the same threshold of 300 kills.

When received, the tendril is automatically put into the player's inventory (much like the volcanic shard). If their inventory is full, it will be dropped on the ground beside them. The player will be notified that they have received the tendril with an in-game message stating "As Telos is defeated you find a tendril on the ground." in addition to a standard server-wide announcement stating:

World announcementNews: Player has received a Telos tendril drop!

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Telos, the Warden20001Very rare


  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ramen's Twitter account. 4 July 2016. Mod Ramen: "1400." The question was: Is the Telos pet 1/1400 below 100% enr, or 1/1050?
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