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The combat level template returns the combat level based on the specified combat components.


{{ Combat level | combat level parameters | Name=username }} The combat parameters follow the Template:User stats format. Note that when a parameter is absent, then if the "Name" is specified, a dynamic lookup is attempted, otherwise the template will use a default value 1.


The following template call describes a new player without any combat experience. These also are the default values that the template uses when the parameter is absent or misspelled.

{{Combat level

The template text above produces the following result: 1

How it works

The combat level formula changed with deploying of the Legacy Mode on 16 June 2014.

The formula is: Floor(1/4(13/10*Max(Attack+Strength, 2*Magic, 2*Ranged) + Defence + Constitution + Floor(Prayer/2) + Floor(Summoning/2)))
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