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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Court details/doc.

This template displays an infobox for court cases.


This template can be used by entering the following onto any court case page. This template will automatically add the Distractions and Diversions category to the page it is used on.

{{Court details
|overview = <!-- Insert a brief overview of the case here -->
|release =  <!-- Release date -->
|npc = <!-- a list of the npcs involved -->
|items = <!-- a list of items invovled -->
|length = <!-- Length as determined by Jagex -->
|requirements = <!-- Quest requirements --> (optional)
|experience <!-- Experience reward -->
|reward = <!-- item reward -->


This parameter will take a short sentence of the case.


This parameter will take the date formatted as [[DATE MONTH]] [[YEAR]].


This parameter will accept a list of NPCs involved. It should be in the format of a bulleted list.


This parameter will take the length as determined by Jagex. It will either be short, medium, or long.


This paramater will take the requirements needed for the case. This parameter is optional.


This parameter will accept a list of the items involved, formatted as [[File:Image name.png|Item name]]


This parameter accepts all experience rewards. It should be formatted as Skill amount {{Skill clickpic|SKILL NAME}}


This parameter accepts a list of all rewards.
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