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This documentation is transcluded from Template:DropsTableHeadTH/doc.
Template:DropsTableHeadTH invokes Module:DropsLineTH using Lua.

The DropsLineTH templates are used are used to list squeal of fortune drops.


|Name        = <!-- Name of item -->
|Namenotes   = <!-- (Optional) Notes added to the item name without disrupting GE price.-->
|Quantity    = <!-- Quantity(s) dropped by monster. Separate with commas. -->
|Rarity      = <!-- How rare the item is: Always, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very rare, Varies -->
|Raritynotes = <!-- (Optional) Extra things added into the Rarity column, to not disrupt the colouring-->
|gemw        = <!-- "no" if item is not sold on the GE -->
|Image       = <!-- Manual addition of image if item is not sold on GE. Don't add [[File:_]] -->
|convert     = <!-- TH convert value -->
|category    = <!-- The TH category the prize belongs to -->}}
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