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Template:DungTable invokes Module:DungTable using Lua.

Displays a table of all the classes for a type of object in Dungeoneering as well as the levels required to use the item.


|1       = kind of object (weapons and armors)
|offhand = whether this item is an offhand object. Is true if this has a value.
|type    = for items that have more than one type associated with them (boots, shield, etc), you must specify the type (magic, ranged, melee).



will produce the following table of pickaxes:

Table of pickaxes
TierItemLevels to use
1Novite pickaxe Novite pickaxe1 Attack-icon Attack; 1 Mining-icon Mining
2Bathus pickaxe Bathus pickaxe10 Attack-icon Attack; 10 Mining-icon Mining
3Marmaros pickaxe Marmaros pickaxe20 Attack-icon Attack; 20 Mining-icon Mining
4Kratonite pickaxe Kratonite pickaxe30 Attack-icon Attack; 30 Mining-icon Mining
5Fractite pickaxe Fractite pickaxe40 Attack-icon Attack; 40 Mining-icon Mining
6Zephyrium pickaxe Zephyrium pickaxe50 Attack-icon Attack; 50 Mining-icon Mining
7Argonite pickaxe Argonite pickaxe60 Attack-icon Attack; 60 Mining-icon Mining
8Katagon pickaxe Katagon pickaxe70 Attack-icon Attack; 70 Mining-icon Mining
9Gorgonite pickaxe Gorgonite pickaxe80 Attack-icon Attack; 80 Mining-icon Mining
10Promethium pickaxe Promethium pickaxe90 Attack-icon Attack; 90 Mining-icon Mining
11Primal pickaxe Primal pickaxe99 Attack-icon Attack; 99 Mining-icon Mining

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