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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Equipment table classes/doc.
Template:Equipment table classes invokes Module:Equipment tables using Lua.

This template displays formatting for equipment classes. It is intended for use inside a DPL call, for example Equipment tables/Body.

This template ensures that the filters stay applied when switching pages, but the page is reset to 1 when changing filters. It includes the scrolling functionality of Template:Extension DPL scroll.


As this is intended for usage in a DPL call, the following is using DPL escape characters.

²{Equipment table classes¦class=combat class category  ¦mems=membership category ¦notierless=Tierless equipment or empty ¦tierlessonly=Tierless equipment or empty ¦total=total number of results ¦offset=page offset ¦count=results per page }²

Example usage:

 resultsheader = ²{Equipment table classes¦class={%DPL_arg1%}  ¦mems={%DPL_arg2%} ¦notierless={%DPL_arg3%} ¦tierlessonly={%DPL_arg4%} ¦total=%TOTALPAGES% ¦offset={%DPL_offset:0%} ¦count={%DPL_count:400%} }²\n

This example uses DPL URL arguments for the three main filters (combat class, membership status, and tierless (which needs 2 parameters)), as well as total, offset and count for pagination.