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Template:ExchangeItem invokes Module:Exchange using Lua.

The ExchangeItem template is used in Exchange pages as part of the Grand Exchange Market Watch.


For an example, see Exchange:Bones.

"View" parameter

The "View" parameter is used to help output various information stored in each Exchange page. The parameter may be used to do the following:

  • View=diff - returns the difference in price between the Last value and the Price value, if they have both been entered.
  • View=value - displays just the value of the item.
  • View=limit - returns just the trade limit.


  • {{GEDiff|Adamant bar}} returns 0.
  • {{GEValue|Adamant bar}} returns 640.
  • {{GELimit|Adamant bar}} returns 10000.

For alchemy values:

  • Low Level Alchemy: {{#expr:floor({{GEValue|Adamant bar}}*0.4)}} returns 256.
  • High Level Alchemy: {{#expr:floor({{GEValue|Adamant bar}}*0.6)}} returns 384.

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