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This template calculates the healing value of food.


This template can be used by entering the following onto a relevant page.

{{Food calculator|base=<!-- The maximum LP it can heal divided by 25 -->|name=<!-- (optional) Customisable name of the item-->}}



This is the minimum required Constitution level for maximum life point gain from the food item.


Most foods heal exactly 25 life points per Constitution level they require, so their healing amount can be calculated from level alone. This is an optional parameter which is used to override this calculation - for example, a Great gunkan heals only 1500 life points initially despite requiring level 91 Constitution (16.5 LP per level), so this parameter would be set to 1500.


This is an optional parameter for the number of life points healed when the food is eaten while out of combat, if it is different from the normal amount (e.g. Fury shark).


This is an optional parameter for the number of life points which are healed over time if the food has a heal over time effect.


This is an optional parameter for the duration of the heal over time effect.
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