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Template:GEPrice invokes Module:Exchange using Lua.

This template displays the prices of items with comma formatting, generally for simple templates using tables. For more complicated templates that use a price as part of a calculation, see {{GEP}}.

Warning: This template cannot be used when programming calculators, as the values contain commas by default. Instead, one must use {{GEP}}. See also {{,}}, which performs an identical function to {{GEP}}, though the latter remains the preferred option.


{{GEPrice|Blue partyhat}} -> 2,147,483,647

To lookup multiples of the output price:

{{GEPrice|Blue partyhat|2}} -> 4,294,967,294

Sometimes, the multiple used can be a fraction or float number, e.g. 1.33, which often produces long decimals. To make this more friendly to readers, the round can be used:

{{GEPrice|Blue partyhat|1/3|round=3}} -> 715,827,882.333

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