Infobox Seed
Farming level Unknown edit
Patch Unknown edit
Payment Unknown edit
Time Unknown edit
Seeds per Unknown edit
Planting Unknown edit
Checking Unknown edit
Harvesting Unknown edit
Crop Unknown edit
Yield[?] Unknown edit
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{{Infobox Seed
|name       = The item's in-game name, not a short form
|level      = Level required to grow
|patch      = Patch for growing this seed
|time       = Time taken to finish growing (in minutes)
|plant      = Experience for planting seed
|seedsper   = Number of seeds required per patch
|check      = Experience for checking
|harvest    = Experience for harvesting each result
|payment    = Payment to farmer, if there is no payment then enter the value 'no' (without the apostrophes)
|exchange   = The item's price at the Grand Exchange
|crop       = Item(s) produced from harvesting
|cropexchange = GE price of crop(s)
|output     = Base amount (no boosts such as compost) of crop yielded
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