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Disassembly sources ?
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Used for adding basic information regarding materials to their respective pages.


{{Infobox material
|name = name of the material
|image = image of the material
|update = A link to the corresponding update page when this material was released, without the Update: prefix
|release = The release date of the material
|rarity = how rare the material is
|level = the level of the material
|sources = optional, used for adding "general" sources of the material
|desc = examine of the material

Please use correct capitalisation. For example, Simple parts instead of simple parts.


{{Infobox material
|name = Brassican components
|update = New Skill - Invention
|release = [[25 January]] [[2016]]
|image = [[File:Brassican components.png]]
|rarity = Special
|level = 1
|sources = [[Cabbage]]
|desc = Come on, are you even taking this seriously?
Brassican components
Brassican components
Release date 25 January 2016 (Update)
Rarity Special
Level 1
Experience Unknown (edit)
Come on, are you even taking this seriously?
Disassembly sources ?
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