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Infobox shop
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Please upload a map!
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{{Infobox shop
|name      = name of the shop
|image     = an image of the shop (optional)
|release   = release date of the shop, in form [[day month]] [[year]] ([[1 April]] [[2010]] etc)
|update    = name of the update page (without Update: prefix)
|members   = members only? (Yes/No)
|icon      = minimap icon shown on minimap (Type No if the shop has no icon)
|location  = location of the shop
|owner     = owner of the shop
|special   = the speciality of the shop (general, armour, weapons, food, etc); enter 'no' to hide this when there's no speciality
|map       = a map of the shop (enter 'no' to hide this when there's no map)

Quick Copy

{{Infobox shop
|name     = 
|image    = 
|release  = 
|update   = 
|members  = 
|icon     = 
|location = 
|owner    = 
|special  = 
|map      =