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Template:Lore navbox invokes Module:Lore navbox using Lua.

The lore navbox is a navigational template (navbox) specifically for Lores and Histories.


This template will automatically add Category:Lore templates to the template itself, not to the pages that use it.


  • name = name of the lore and history with proper spelling and capitalisation and without [[Transcipt:]]; this name will also be used to automatically add the category of the lore and history to the pages that use the lore and history's navbox template, e.g. adds Category:Roots in the Community to Juna (required)

The following parameters are all optional:

  • title = alternative text/link instead of the default [[Lore and History Name]]
  • characters = a list of characters (use {{chatl}} if the character has a chathead)
    • characters title = alternative title for the characters group; default is 'Characters'
  • locations = a list of locations that are visited during the lore and history; preferably lore and history-specific location excluding general locations like Draynor Village
    • locations title = alternative title for the locations group; default is 'Locations'
  • conflicts = a list of conflicts related to this lore and history
    • conflicts title = alternative title for the conflicts group; default is 'Conflicts'
  • related = anything else that does not fit into the other groups
    • related title = alternative title for the related group; default is 'Miscellaneous'
  • footer = same as navbox: a footer for the navbox template


{{Lore navbox
|name = The Rising Sun - Ozan's Tale
|characters =
 * {{chatl|Khnum}}
 * {{chatl|Leela}}
 * {{chatl|Osman}}
 * {{chatl|Ozan}}
 * {{chatl|Reldo}}
|locations =
 * [[Al Kharid palace]]
|related =
 * [[The Cactus Lily]]
 * [[Kharid-ib]]

Quick copy

{{Lore navbox
|name = lore and history name (without [[Transcript:]])
|characters =
 * {{chatl|a NPC}}
|locations =
 * [[a location]]
|conflicts =
 * [[a conflict]]
|related =
 * [[something related to the lore and history]]
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