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This documentation is transcluded from Template:NPC/doc.

The NPC template is used to display an infobox in NPC articles.

This template should not be used on user pages. Instead, the {{Infobox user}} template, which was created specifically for user pages, should be used.


|name            = Name of the NPC as shown in-game.
|aka             = Alternative name(s) of the NPC. If not applicable, remove field.
|image           = Image of the NPC, resized to between 100 and 300 px when large.
|imagebackground = (optional) adds a dark background for the image if the value is "Yes"
|release         = The release date of the NPC.
|removal         = The removal date of the NPC. Usually only applies to holiday NPCs, but also to others. If not applicable, remove field.
|removalupdate   = The removal update, without the Update: prefix. If not applicable, remove field.
|update          = A link to the corresponding update page when this NPC was released, without the Update: prefix.
|level           = The combat level of the NPC, if present. Only applies for unattackable NPCs, for example Ferret of doom. If not applicable, remove field.
|race            = What race/species is the NPC?
|members         = Is the NPC members only? Yes or No.
|quest           = Quests the NPC is involved in.
|location        = Location(s) of where the NPC can be found.
|shop            = Does the NPC sell items? Enter the shop name or No if the NPC doesn't sell anything.
|gender          = Gender of the NPC; Male, Female or None.
|examine         = The examine text(s) of the NPC. If multiple, use "<br />{{*}} " after each one.
|map             = Map file of the NPC's location, or No if no map is needed or it is not possible to get one.
|caption         = An optional caption for the map, if something needs to be explained

For quick copy/paste

|name = 
|image = 
|release = 
|update = 
|race = 
|members = 
|quest = 
|location = 
|shop = 
|gender = 
|examine = 
|map =