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The NoCoins template colours a number that represents an amount of coins. It is designed for use in the body text of articles, as opposed to {{Coins}}, which displays an icon that disrupts line-height and should only be used in wikitables.

The amount is formatted with a comma (if the value is greater than 1,000), rounded to 2 decimals (if the value has three or more decimal places), and uses the following colours:

  • Blue for positive numbers
  • Green if the number is zero
  • Red for negative numbers


{{NoCoins|number of coins|optional}}

The second unnamed parameter is optional. When filled in, it appends the word "coins" in the same color.


The following are some examples:

{{NoCoins|245.58639}} produces the following result: 245.59

{{NoCoins|0}} produces the following result: 0

{{NoCoins|-3000|c}} produces the following result: -3,000 coins
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