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This template is used to display the official worlds for a certain activity.


{{Official world
|name = The name of the activity. If left blank, the default will be the page name.
|f2p = The official worlds for free-to-play players.
|p2p = The official worlds for paid-to-play players. If there are more than 1, use a comma (,) to separate them.
|unofficial = yes/no (default is no; optional).



{{Official world
|name = Game A
|f2p = 200
|p2p = 300 (Option A), 400 (Option B)


Worlds Icon The official worlds for Game A are worlds 200 (F2P), 300 (Option A), 400 (Option B) (P2P).

Quick copying

{{Official world
|name = 
|f2p = 
|p2p = 
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