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Template:Perk suggestions header invokes Module:Perk suggestions using Lua.

Displays a table row with a suggestion for how to create a specific combination of perks.

Use in combination with Template:Perk suggestions header and Template:Perk suggestions footer.


{{Perk suggestion|mat1|mat2|mat3|mat4|mat5|perks=perklist}}

Materials can be provided either using the named parameters mat1 to mat5, or, for convenience, the unnamed parameters 1 to 5. Named parameters take precedence, if both are present.

Material 1 is the top slot, 2 is the left slot, 3 the center slot, 4 the right slot, and 5 is the bottom slot.

Materials are case-insensitive and the words 'component(s)' and 'part(s)' are ignored. Invalid material names also ignored. Parts automatically have the floating 5.


Perks are given as a comma-separated list where each element is of the form perk[rankmin-rankmax](comment), where:

  • perk is the name of the the perk, case insensitive (without any "(perk)" qualifier needed for some pages). The name is required. Invalidly named perks are ignored.
  • [rankmin-rankmax] are the lowest and highest rank of the perk that the material combination, separated by a hyphen. If only one rank is needed, omit the hyphen and second rank. If no ranks are needed, omit the entire section.
  • (comment) is any additional comment about the perk, for example specific gizmo type, perk or rank rarity, etc. Within a comment, avoid commas and round/square brackets.

Spaces between each segment (as well as between each perk) are ignored.

Not every perk listed in the interface should be listed; just the most likely and relevant ones. Additional perks that the materials can give are automatically detected and added to the list under the specified perks. This can be hidden by providing otherperks=no


{{Perk suggestions header}}
{{Perk suggestion|explosive|explosive|imbued|explosive|explosive|perks=Crackling[2-3],Ultimatums[2]}}
{{Perk suggestion|explosive|explosive|fortunate|explosive|explosive|perks=Crackling[2-3],Ultimatums[2],Lucky[1](uncommon)}}
{{Perk suggestion|mat3=subtle|perks=Mobile(rare but failures are free)}}
{{Perk suggestion|dextrous|evasive|deflecting|subtle|healthy|perks=Mobile,Venomblood}}
{{Perk suggestion|spiked|spiked|spiked|spiked|spiked|perks=Trophy-taker's[1-4],Genocidal(rarely)}}
<!-- otherperks=no example -->
{{Perk suggestion|spiked|spiked|spiked|spiked|spiked|perks=Trophy-taker's[1-4],Genocidal(rarely)|otherperks=no}}
<!-- all perks for the materials specified so no other perks at all -->
{{Perk suggestion|Rumbling|Rumbling|Rumbling|Rumbling|Rumbling|perks=Equilibrium[3]}}
{{Perk suggestions footer}}
Gizmo layout Possible perks
Explosive components
Explosive componentsImbued componentsExplosive components
Explosive components
  • Other possible perks:
Explosive components
Explosive componentsFortunate componentsExplosive components
Explosive components
  • Other possible perks:
Subtle components
  • Mobile Mobile (rare but failures are free)
  • Other possible perks:
Dextrous components
Evasive componentsDeflecting partsSubtle components
Healthy components
Spiked parts
Spiked partsSpiked partsSpiked parts
Spiked parts
Spiked parts
Spiked partsSpiked partsSpiked parts
Spiked parts
Rumbling components
Rumbling componentsRumbling componentsRumbling components
Rumbling components


This template uses the following image via CSS. It is directly called here to avoid being marked unused.

Empty gizmo interface
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