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The Quest rewards template is used to display the contents of the Rewards section on quest articles.


{{Quest rewards
|name = Back to the Freezer
|image = [[File:Back to the Freezer reward.png]]
|qp = 1
|rewards =
* 1 [[Antique lamp (Back to the Freezer)|antique lamp]] (found during the quest)
* {{sxp|Divination|25,000}}
* {{sxp|Runecrafting|25,000}}
* {{sxp|Slayer|15,000}}
* {{sxp|Agility|15,000}}
* {{sxp|Invention|10,000}} (if you have completed the [[Invention tutorial]]. Otherwise it can be claimed from Chuck after you have completed the Invention tutorial).
* 1 additional penguin to find in [[Penguin Hide and Seek]]
* Experience in Penguin Hide and Seek and [[Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza]] now scale with level
** Penguin Hide and Seek experience is now 40 experience per level per point (up from 25 per level per point - a 60% increase at all levels)
** Big Top Bonanza experience is approximately doubled at level 99
|music =
* [[T.A.R.D.I.S. (music track)]]
* [[Back to the Freezer (music track)]]


Parameter Usage Code Mandatory?
name Produces the reward scroll image
|name = Back to the Freezer
image Image of the quest rewards screen
|image = [[File:Quest reward.png]]
No (can be hidden by using no, default is name of quest followed by the word reward)
qp Amount of quest points awarded by the quest
|qp = 1
qp details Additional information if the quest is granting quest points that were previously given by another quest
|qp details = (only if quest X was not completed before this quest)
rewards Other rewards
|rewards =
* A lamp
* Some XP
early bird bonus Early bird bonus
|early bird bonus =
* The early bird bonus
post quest Post quest activities/rewards
|post quest =
* Some new thing
music Music tracks unlocked during or upon completion of the quest
|music =
* Some music track
* Another music track
universal quest reward Show or hide {{Universal quest reward}}; default is "yes"
|universal quest reward = Yes
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