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<h2>Latest update</h2>
<h2>Latest update</h2>
'''[[Update:The_Return_of_Line_Firemaking!|The Return of Line Firemaking]]'''<br />
'''[[Update:Player Owned Farm|Player Owned Farm]]'''<br />
[[Pitch can]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Char's training cave]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[The Firemaker's Curse]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Firemaking]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Bonfire|Bonfires]]
[[Player-owned farm]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Master farmer outfit]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Beans]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Manor Farm]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Farming]]

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Latest update

Player Owned Farm
Player-owned farm  Master farmer outfit  Beans  Manor Farm  Farming

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