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<h2>Latest update</h2>
<h2>Latest update</h2>
'''[[Update:The RuneScape Wiki|The RuneScape Wiki]]''' (2 October 2018)<br />
'''[[Update:Quest Point Shop|Quest Point Shop]]'''<br />
Hey everyone! We’re really excited to share some news about a project that we’ve been working on for a while - both the RuneScape Wiki and Old School RuneScape Wiki are moving to new, better homes!
[[May's Quest Caravan]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[May]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Lorehound (pet)|Lorehound]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Armour of Trials]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Vanquisher]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[The Adventurer (title)|the Adventurer]]

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Latest update

Quest Point Shop
May's Quest Caravan  May  Lorehound  Armour of Trials  Vanquisher  the Adventurer

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