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The Merge template is used to display a tag on articles which should be merged. Using this template will include the article in Category:Articles to be merged.


Place this template on the top of the article by adding:

{{rfm|Article name|Rfm subpage title (optional)}}

to the top of the pages involved with the move. Article name refers to the name of the article where all the information would be compiled if the merge were successful. Apply the template with the same code to all pages involved with the merge. For example, if an editor were suggesting merging Abyssal link paint (Blue), Abyssal link paint (Green), Abyssal link paint (White), and Abyssal link paint (Yellow) onto Abyssal whip, {{rfm|Abyssal whip}} should be added to all of those pages.

By default the request for merge is named after the destination page, however if one page is significantly smaller than the destination page, it may be less confusing to title the merge after the smaller page. If, however, the pages are of roughly equal size, or if there is more than one page worth of content being merged onto the destination page, the request for merge should be named after the destination page.

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