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What's your favourite piece of cutlery?

The poll was created at 20:11 on September 30, 2018, and so far 951 people voted.
Results of the previous poll

Are you attending RuneFest 2018? (1,724 votes)

Yes — 7.9%; 137 votes
No - it's too far to travel — 34.3%; 592 votes
No - it's too expensive — 18.7%; 323 votes
No - for another reason/not interested — 23%; 396 votes
What's a RuneFest? — 16%; 276 votes
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This template displays the poll that is used on the Mainpage. The poll should not be changed more than twice a month. When a poll is changed, the results of the previous poll should be recorded; use Template:Poll entry to help format displaying past results.


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