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-->{| style="padding:10px 0 0 0; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto" width="650" cellpadding="5"
| width="30%" | [[File:Deathbeard's ship.png|x100px|link=Deathbeard's Demise]]
<div id="mp-recent" class="mp-color">
| width="30%" | [[File:Memorial to Guthix shrine.png|x100px|link=Memorial to Guthix]]
<div class="mp-header">Recent updates</div>
| width="30%" | [[File:Sliske's Endgame main page.png|x100px|link=Sliske's Endgame]]
{| style="padding:10px 0 0 0; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto" width="650" cellpadding="5"
| width="30%" class="image-light" | [[File:The Needle Skips.jpg|200px|link=The Needle Skips]]
| width="30%" class="image-light" | [[File:Til Death do us Part.jpg|200px|link=Til Death Do Us Part]]
| width="30%" class="image-light" | [[File:Alchemical Onyx.png|200px|link=Alchemical onyx]]
| width="30%" style="padding-top:10px; vertical-align:top" | '''[[Deathbeard's Demise]]'''<br /> [[Captain Deathbeard]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Phantom doubloons]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Scurvy]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[2017 Winter event|Winter event]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Hati]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Sköll]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Fenrir]]
| width="30%" style="padding-top:10px; vertical-align:top" | '''[[The Needle Skips]]'''
| width="30%" style="padding-top:10px; vertical-align:top" | '''[[Memorial to Guthix]]'''<br />
| width="30%" style="padding-top:10px; vertical-align:top" | '''[[Til Death Do Us Part]]'''
[[Memory strand]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Engram]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Guthixian cache boost|Cache boost]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Memory shard]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Divine fire spirit]]
| width="30%" style="padding-top:10px; vertical-align:top" | '''[[Alchemical onyx]]'''
| width="30%" style="padding-top:10px; vertical-align:top" | '''[[Sliske's Endgame]]'''<br />
[[Sliske]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Combined Catalyst fragment|Combined Catalyst]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Ring of Whispers]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Necklace of Shadows]] {{*}}&nbsp;[[Tiny Sliske]]
<div class="mp-endrow"><div class="mp-endbox">[[Game updates|More updates...]]</div></div>

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Documentation icon Template documentation[edit] [purge]
This documentation is transcluded from Template:RuneScape Wiki/Recent updates/doc.

This template lists recent updates on the Main Page.


Three updates are displayed at all times with the name of the update in bold. There is no hard limit on the number of links, but they should not take up more than three lines' worth of space. Images accompanying the update should be given a width of 200px to maintain an aspect ratio of 16:9 (the height is fixed at 113px via CSS).

Images should not have transparency so that box-shadow displays as intended. If no suitable image exists on the wiki, a screenshot taken specifically for this template may be uploaded. For example, if an update adds a boss monster (whose file would require transparency), an appropriate substitute would be a screenshot of a player fighting the boss in its environment. Once that update "falls off" the Main Page, however, the screenshot should be deleted.

The links section of the most recent update should be copied over to Template:RailModule‎, which is transcluded onto the side rail.
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