Snow globe ThePsionic Enchanted snowball
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Template:Signatures/ThePsionic invokes Module:Sandbox/ThePsionic/sig using Lua.

Displays a signature depending on the date or time of year.



gives the appropriate signature for today.


gives the appropriate for the input date, where d is the day of the month, m is the month of the year (numerical), and YYYY is the year.

Signatures and dates

Note that holiday signatures are prioritized over seasonal ones.

SignatureNameDate or period active
15th Anniversary balloon ThePsionic 15th Anniversary party hatrsbirth4 January
Lily of the valley ThePsionic White Rabbitspring21 March - 20 June
Cockatrice egg ThePsionic Easter carroteasterEaster Sunday and Monday[1]
Beach ball ThePsionic Ice creamsummer21 June - 20 September
Sam's hat ThePsionic Liber teafourjuly4 July
Celebration cake (lit) ThePsionic WWF giftbirth30 July (my birthday!)
Fallen leaves ThePsionic Eekautumn21 September - 20 December
Jack lantern mask ThePsionic Bone broochhalloween31 October
Sugar skull ThePsionic Flowers of the deadmuertos1 and 2 November
Turkey hat ThePsionic Cooked turkeythxgibeFourth Thursday of November
Snow globe ThePsionic Enchanted snowballwinter21 December - 20 March
Santa hat ThePsionic Tree bauble (green)christmas24 and 25 December
Santa hat ThePsionic Puppet box (full)boxing26 December
Firework ThePsionic Firecracker 5newyear31 December and 1 January
  1. ^ Easter Sunday can fall on any Sunday between 22 March and 25 April, depending on how the moon decides to work that year. The invoked script contains a formula for estimating the date of Easter Sunday back to somewhere in the 1500s and is expected to work for a long time still.
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