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This template provides a banner of icons for the various RuneScape skills with the player's level in each provided in the hover text.


This template can be used by entering the following onto a user page.

|Name          = Player name.
|Attack        = Attack level.
|Constitution  = Constitution level.
|Mining        = Mining level.
|Strength      = Strength level.
|Agility       = Agility level.
|Smithing      = Smithing level.
|Defence       = Defence level.
|Herblore      = Herblore level.
|Fishing       = Fishing level.
|Ranged        = Ranged level.
|Thieving      = Thieving level.
|Cooking       = Cooking level.
|Prayer        = Prayer level.
|Crafting      = Crafting level.
|Firemaking    = Firemaking level.
|Magic         = Magic level.
|Fletching     = Fletching level.
|Woodcutting   = Woodcutting level.
|Runecrafting  = Runecrafting level.
|Slayer        = Slayer level.
|Farming       = Farming level.
|Construction  = Construction level.
|Hunter        = Hunter level.
|Summoning     = Summoning level.
|Dungeoneering = Dungeoneering level.
|Divination    = Divination level.
|Quest         = Questpoint number.
|Combat        = Combat level.


Each parameter should will accept the level of the skill.
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