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Template:Spell cost table invokes Module:Spell cost table using Lua.

Creates a table for cost of casting a spell. Automatically calculates additional costs for combo runes and staves.

To hide the staff section for any reason, add the parameter nostaff with any value.

Bananas and unpowered orbs are also supported for the Teleport to Ape Atoll and the Charge Orb spells. Just enter 'banana' or 'unpowered orb' as a rune name.


{{Spell cost table
|Rune# = <name> (without rune)
|Rune#num = amount


Crystal Mask example

{{Spell cost table
|Rune1 = earth
|Rune1num = 7
|Rune2 = fire
|Rune2num = 6
|Rune3 = body
|Rune3num = 5
|Rune4 = soul
|Rune4num = 4
7Earth rune6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul rune3,753
Combo runes
6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul rune7Dust rune9,367
6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul rune7Mud rune9,381
5Body rune4Soul rune7Lava rune8,621
7Earth rune5Body rune4Soul rune6Smoke rune8,133
7Earth rune5Body rune4Soul rune6Steam rune7,749
6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul runeMud battlestaff3,634
6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul runeStaff of earth3,634
7Earth rune5Body rune4Soul runeStaff of fire3,231
7Earth rune5Body rune4Soul runeSteam battlestaff3,231
5Body rune4Soul runeElemental battlestaff3,112
5Body rune4Soul runeMystical staff (75)3,112
5Body rune4Soul runeLava battlestaff3,112

Teleport to Ape Atoll example

{{Spell cost table
|Rune1 = Water
|Rune1num = 2
|Rune2 = Fire
|Rune2num = 2
|Rune3 = Law
|Rune3num = 2
|Rune4 = Banana
|Rune4num = 1
2Water rune2Fire rune2Law rune1Banana1,487
Combo runes
2Fire rune2Law rune1Banana2Mud rune3,091
2Water rune2Law rune1Banana2Lava rune2,887
2Water rune2Law rune1Banana2Smoke rune2,947
2Law rune1Banana2Steam rune2,781
2Fire rune2Law rune1Banana2Mist rune3,443
2Fire rune2Law rune1BananaStaff of water1,449
2Fire rune2Law rune1BananaMud battlestaff1,449
2Water rune2Law rune1BananaStaff of fire1,313
2Law rune1BananaSteam battlestaff1,275
2Law rune1BananaElemental battlestaff1,275
2Water rune2Fire rune1.8Law rune1BananaLaw staff1,385.8
2Law rune1BananaMystical staff (75)1,275
2Water rune2Law rune1BananaLava battlestaff1,313
2Fire rune2Law rune1BananaAvernic wandTome of frost1,449
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