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Template:Switch infobox invokes Module:Switch infobox using Lua.

This template is used to separate different information on a specific page (mostly NPC) with different condition (For example, before and after a quest).

After the insertion of the template, there will be different buttons stating the possible conditions of that page. When clicked on different conditions, the page will display different information.


{{Switch infobox
| item1  = Type information here which is shown in condition 1
| text1  = Name of condition 1
| item2  = Type information here which is shown in condition 2
| text2  = Name of condition 2
| item3  = Type information here which is shown in condition 3
| text3  = Name of condition 3

Quick Copy

Note: The template is not limited to 2 conditions only. Editors can add more conditions if available.

{{Switch infobox
| item1  = 
| text1  = 
| item2  = 
| text2  = 

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