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  • Buttons look bad in monobook. Apparently not.
  • Need margin-left for gap between text from infobox. Margin has been added.
  • Combat stats has a min-wdith:263px; causing it to overflow outside article on minimum page width.
    • Fixed, but now in IE on a lower resolution screen, the text will overlap the infobox by a couple of pixels. But, atleast the whole infobox is visible now.
  • Image lazy loading is not triggered in wikiamobile between switches. It can be overridden but I have an aversion to adding js to wikiamobile (images load after scrolling when non loaded image is in view).
    • Awaiting mobile tech staff to get back to me at some point could be a while...
  • IE8 needs a polyfill to make the switch work ( the ~ in selectors is not supported) :checked pseudo-class is not supported
    • Is this script actually needed? see diff
    • jQuery 1.xx works in IE6+, so perhaps this might be useful to have anyway in case the chinese gold bots use us Wink
    • The CSS should work in IE7 too, according to sitepoint
$( function () {
    $('.switch-tab').click(function() {
        var num = this.attributes['for'].value.split('-').slice(-1)[0]; //the  this  keyword will be the label that is clicked
        $(this).parents('.switch-labels').siblings('.switch-content, .switch-content-inline').hide() //This needs to be relative to the clicked label to allow multiple switchboxes
    } ).eq(0).click();
} );
  • Wikiamobile now has proper buttons, utilising the existing .wkBtn class defined in wikiamobile.scss
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