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This template provides a more obvious name for the bottoms of tables. It should only be used for tables created with specific templates, and they should be closed with the appropriate table bottom, because the construction of templates can change; it is important to be consistent with which table bottom is used.

Not all of the table bottoms redirect to {{TableBottomHTML}}, because not all are constructed with HTML tags explicitly. The list is kept here for practicality.

Table header Table row Table end Current syntax
{{DropsTableHead}} {{DropsLine}} {{DropsTableEnd}} |}
{{ItemDropTableHead}} {{ItemDropLine}} {{ItemDropsEnd}} </table>
{{DropsTableHeadSoF}} {{DropsLineSoF}} {{SofTableEnd}} |}
{{DropsTableHeadTH}} {{DropsLineTH}} {{THTableEnd}} </table>
{{StoreTableHead}} {{StoreLine}} {{StoreTableEnd}} |}
{{Infotable Bonuses header}} {{Infotable Bonuses row}} {{InfoTableEnd}} |}
{{GEHeader}} {{GEItem}} {{GETableEnd}} </table>
{{AlchTableHeader}} {{LowAlchTableRow}} {{AlchTableEnd}} </table>
{{LowAlchTableHeader}} {{HighAlchTableRow}} {{AlchTableEnd}} </table>
{{GenStoreTableHeader}} {{GenStoreTableRow}} {{AlchTableEnd}} </table>
{{SellersHead}} {{SellersLine}} {{SellersBottom}} </table>
{{Perk suggestions header}} {{Perk suggestion}} {{Perk suggestions footer}} </table>

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