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Template:TitleAnchor invokes Module:TitleAnchor using Lua.

Provides full formatting for individual titles. Parameters allow for the colouring of the title and the location and format of [Name]. This template also automatically includes an anchor (which will be the same as the t parameter with the first character Uppercase) and adds the white-space:nowrap; styling to prevent the title and [Name] from being on separate lines

This template will only add an anchor for the tag when used on Titles.

Name Purpose
t The title itself; this parameter is required. The id of the anchor will be the same as this parameter with the first letter Uppercase
c The colour of the title; this parameter is required, but can be left blank if unknown. If using the HEX value, the hash (#) is required. Defaults to black.
loc Whether the title appears before (loc=p) or after (loc=s) the [Name]. This parameter is required to have the [Name] displayed, but it may be left blank to remove the name
, Will include a comma after [Name] if set to yes. For the rare titles that have the comma coloured, this parameter can be set to c to move the comma inside the colouring span tag. This parameter is not required and should be removed if not set to yes or c.
space Will remove the space between [Name] and the title if set to no; This parameter is not required and should be removed if not set to no.
link By default a link to t is added, however by entering a value here it'll link to that value unless the value is no, then no link will be added.
Example usage
Code Output
{{TitleAnchor|t=Title|c=#ff0000}} Title
{{TitleAnchor|t=Title|c=#ff0000|loc=p}} Title [Name]
{{TitleAnchor|t=Title|c=#ff0000|loc=s}} [Name] Title
{{TitleAnchor|t=Title|c=#ff0000|loc=s|,=yes}} [Name], Title
{{TitleAnchor|t=Title|c=#ff0000|loc=s|,=c}} [Name], Title
{{TitleAnchor|t=Title-|c=#ff0000|loc=p|space=no|link=Title}} Title-[Name]
{{TitleAnchor|t=Title|c=#ff0000|loc=p|link=no}} Title [Name]
{{TitleAnchor|t=Title|c=#ff0000|loc=p|link=Abyssal demon}} Title [Name]
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