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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Weakness clickpic/doc.
Template:Weakness clickpic invokes Module:Weakness clickpic using Lua.

This template can be used to display the weakness icon given the weakness specified in the first parameter and will also provide a link to the appropriate page related to the weakness. It supports values seperated by commas.

{{Weakness clickpic|Crush, Fire, Thrown}}


Crush weakness icon.png Crush
Fire weakness icon.png Fire spells
Thrown weakness icon.png Thrown

If no weakness is specified or the weakness is not valid (see table below), a warning will be displayed:

{{Weakness clickpic|Giant Mole}}


Bad argument

The text link can be suppressed by adding notext=true.

{{Weakness clickpic|Crush, Fire, Thrown|notext=true}}


Crush weakness icon.png
Fire weakness icon.png
Thrown weakness icon.png

Categories can be added to a page by adding cg=yes.

{{Weakness clickpic|Crush|cg=yes}}

Will add Category:Weak to crush attacks

Accepted values (case insensitive)
Melee Ranged
Magic Other