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Maxed players

With Dungeoneering exceeding level 99, keeping track of the number of players who have (at least) 99 in all their skills (the 'Overall' parameter of this template) isn't as simple as before. Someone who has 100 Dungeoneering, 98 in 1 stat, and 99 in the rest would have the same total level as another player who has exactly 99 in all skills. However, the first person wouldn't fall under the 'maxed players' category (having all skills at 99 (or above)). So, I think the simplest way of keeping track of these players would be checking the number of players at 2475 total (the minimum total of 25 skills at 99) then deducting by the number of players found not having level 99 in all their stats.

I'll be listing such players below if I happen to come across them while browsing hiscores. All are welcome to add/remove names when necessary :) Armeng90 04:49, June 8, 2010 (UTC)


Players at 2475 or above total without all 99's.

List above is not up to date.

I've decided to just add a question mark at the end of the number of players with 2475 total level.

-Xyg94 (27January 2011)

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