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External Image Usage - Template Resizing

Hello, RuneScape Wikia community!

I've noticed recently that, with the reformatting of the Wikia, the {{Userbox/Wikian}} template affects the alignment of user pages, wherever the Userboxes may be formatted to appear on the Wikia member's userspace.

When viewed within the editor, the Wikian userbox becomes extended and expands to take up substantially larger than the 36x36 recommended pixel area. [1] This appears to be due to the fact that the image used within the image id section is an external Imgur link, which, when rendered by the editor, drastically emboldens and increases the size of the font used to show links within the editor. (This is because the text is "squeezed" to fit within the defined parameters set for the image space within the Userbox.) Though I understand it to be consistent with RS:MEDIA to disallow the hosting of external images such as the one used for the "the Wikian" userbox, would it be possible to either redefine the parameters within which the image is held (to re-size with the size of the image) or, perhaps, to make an exception to RS:MEDIA for this userbox image?

It is a considerably minor inconvenience, I know - but I do not yet understand enough about Lua or the module space to propose further technical solutions to this issue which has just recently appeared.

Edit: The offsite image was replaced with {{plink|Wikian book}}, and thus this comment no longer applies.

  1. ^ Though this has always been the case since the Userbox was created, the latest Wikia formatting update appears to extend the Userbox's disproportionality within the editor to the rendered version as well, whereas previously it would not compensate for these changes. It is likely that other Userboxes have been broken as well in this manner; any which currently use external images.
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