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There are a total of six people that can be escorted - three people for the journey to the Temple and three for Burgh De Rott. You can choose who to escort by using the noticeboard at the start point at Paterdomus or in Burgh De Rott. Each of the three people on each journey has a different difficulty - easy, medium and hard. For Temple Trekking, two are villagers and one is an adventurer, and for Burgh De Rott Ramble two are adventurers and one is a villager.

By being escorted, the follower will gain experience and levels. As they do so, they will gain new abilities and become more adept in combat. Their examine information and appearance will also change after receiving some new abilities. It will also allow the player to unlock certain rewards - some rewards require all of the followers to have reached a certain level.

It is possible to let your companion do much, if not all, of the fighting leading to fast level ups. This is easier for the mages and ranger, but can still be done with the warrior provided you have food to sustain him. This tactic works well with the Easy and Medium NPCs at the easy and medium route difficulties for the giant snail, ghast, nail beast, swamp snake, and shade events. All but the ghast event, at the hard route difficulty, will be too much for any NPC to tank except Pazuzu and Dean, if they've reached their power up levels (Pazuzu 75, Dean 80).

Temple Trekking
Name Difficulty Notes
Smiddi Ryak Hard Smiddi is hard to accompany, but can lead to the greatest reward. She will only attack monsters that attack her. Otherwise she will try to stick with you or walk around. Some food is necessary because she has a low Constitution level.

When enemies engage Smiddi it is sometimes possible to get them to switch focus to you by moving to the space the enemy occupies. This has a chance of making an enemy reposition itself. If you attack, when it moves, it will often switch its attention to your character.

Because she will only attack monsters that attack her first and she does very little damage, Smiddi will gain very little xp from combat. Thus, she will take longer to level up than anyone else.

  • At level 20, Smiddi can let out a Scream - a Special Attack which stuns enemies within a short distance.
  • At level 60, she can use the special attack Raspberry which lowers the Defence of the enemy.
  • At level 92, Smiddi can use A&E. It allows her to cast the Heal Other spell. Additionally, she gains the ability to foresee upcoming events, to run, to set fires, and to chop trees.
  • At level 99, Smiddi's Heal Other spell will both heal for more and damage her for less.
Jayene Kliyn Medium

Jayene is a medium-level villager to accompany and will help you get one of the medium rewards. She is reasonably tough and can take a few hits. She can also try to defend herself and fight off other monsters within the event area.

  • At level 25, Jayene will gain +1 Attack speed.
  • At level 50, Jayene will receive Twin fire - which lets her fire two arrows at once.
  • At level 75, Jayene will gain the ability to use a dark bow. She will also tell players what is on the trail chosen and help by lighting fires.
  • At level 99, players gain the Ouroboros pouch which acts as unlimited druid pouches.

Dean Vellio

Easy Dean is easy to accompany and because of this, he can only help you get to the lower rewards. He has a lot of health and a high defence rating, so he can take a lot of punches as well as dish them out.
  • At level 25, players unlock a cosmetic reward: the Rambler's backpack.
  • At level 60, Dean will receive a Special Attack - Butcher.
  • At level 75, Dean will gain +1 Attack speed.
  • At level 80, Dean will gain the ability to use an abyssal whip. His equipment will also change, his black mask will turn into a full slayer helm. His armour will also change, and he will use Bandos chestplate and tassets instead and can hit much higher than usual. His examine text will also change, and he can foresee upcoming events and will help in several puzzles and can run.
Burgh De Rott Ramble
Name Difficulty Notes
Rolayne Twickit Hard Rolayne knows how badly his people are suffering under the rule of the vampyres, having previously escaped himself. Now he's had a taste of freedom he's returned to try and relieve the plight of others so they may experience the same. He's far too frail to be useful as a fighter but what he lacks in hardiness, he makes up for in determination. He is a very weak Melee fighter, but helps you with lighting fires and chopping logs.

Rolayne presents a difficult challenge by being both extremely weak and very aggressive. He will often run to the opposite end of the battefield and attack enemies that are not actively engaged. The easiest way to keep him alive is to attack every enemy at least once and position yourself so they can all attack you. If an enemy cannot reach you and Rolayne attacks them, they will switch their attention to him. This can be fixed by attacking that enemy so it switches its focus to you.

  • At level 20, Rolayne unlocks the ability to run, and warns you about what lies ahead on the paths.
  • At level 40, players unlock a cosmetic reward: the Shepherd's Walking stick.
  • At level 80, Rolayne begins to deal double damage.
  • At level 99, Rolayne is able to cast Wind Strike.
Zachory Bragg Medium Zachory is not yet a great sorcerer, and needs your help to become one. He is not a difficult adventurer to accompany, but is by no means simple.

Attacks with Water Bolt.


Easy Pazuzu is a powerful spell-caster intent on bringing salvation to the people of Burgh de Rott. She could probably do the ramble herself, though, so don't expect a significant reward.

Attacks with Earth Blast.

  • At level 20, Pazuzu unlocks the ability to use Bind.
  • At level 66, Pazuzu can cast vulnerability.
  • At level 75, Pazuzu equips a Staff of Light and can cast Fire Wave. She also wears Ahrims magic armour. She also is able to warn the player what lies ahead on the paths.
  • Once players get Pazuzu to level 85, they can unlock the Constructor's gloves from the Temple Trekking interface.
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